Friday, May 2, 2008


Hey wats up everyone. Its been a while oh. just been really busy. I was in Lagos two weeks ago. Went on Wednesday, came back on Sunday. It was teew mad mehnn. I had fun(well kinda). Okay make I start story.Went to lagos for absolutely nothing. My mum just got up one day and decided to go to Lag wiv no reason at all.She decided to take me along oh. Na so I land for Lag. Okay so we when we arrived in Lag everyone was just staring at me. Shwoo wetin I do all these pple??? I nor sabi speak Yoruba unless I for ask d Yoruba looking guys. Anyway so we get to the new airport. When u arrive, a bus abi na shuttle (una know say I bush b4 now) takes u from the plane area to the baggage claim wareva. So me and my mum step in. I look around, some white men are staring at me. I then proceed to unzip my bag and then I turned on my ipod and was jamming GONGO ASO(I loooove dat song). And I noticed dat my mum was giving me a dirty look cos she h8s ipods and anything dat has to do wiv ear phones cos she believes dat itll damage my ear. Bla bla bla. I just nor send d woman oh. After all their time don pass as pple would say. We get to the baggage claim area and just as im getting off d shuttle abi na bus one white man says hi. I smile at him and say hi to him. He wanted more conversation but I wasn’t up for it cos I was hustling on showing the trolley guy our luggage. We get outta there, take the company bus to the hotel. We to the hotel, we shower and sleep.

The next day, b4 we left d hotel, my mum told me dat im going to sleep over at her late friends house dat I should just carry the necessities. We then set out for one market called Balogun market. We get there and DAMN I wore white shoes. God I will never try dat again in my life. I was mad at every damn soul who stepped on my shoes. The road to the so called “cosmetic shop” was filled with the nastiest mud. My shoes never came out the same. I was busy screaming mum RUBBER SLIPPERS. She didn’t even listen.

We get to VGC where im going to sleep over. My mum then goes ahead to tell me dat shes leaving and dat I should have fun wiv S. S is the last son of his mum. He has other siblings abroad but he chose to skool in naija. When his mum was alive, she will always tell me “u will marry my son”.(awww I miss her so much). She was my mums best friend. Anyways so S wasdonly one at home. His dad comes back from work by 9 cos of lagos traffic and he works in some oil company and does overtime.watver sha. So my mum leaves. We start talking and all dat. We were watching dstv, went on the internet for a bit. I then saw a video dat he downloaded from a blogspot site. It had a copyright thing on the video. I then ask him if he has a blog or he reads blogs. He says no dat he got the video from a friend. He then sees me reading afro babe’s blog. He then asks wat it is. I just mumbled something. Anyways he then leaves to go and get something. I quickly get off the pc after hitting the Ctrl+Shift+Delete button on my Mozilla Firefox cos I knew he was going to check my laptop for pictures cos he told me already and he is a computer whiz so I didn’t want him to discover my blog also. Anyways he comes back and we get talking about old times and all. His dad returns and I greet him. Good evening sir. I was really glad to see him cos I hadn’t seen him in a while. He then looks at me like am trash, and then says “yeah”. I was really mad but I just thot the guy wasn’t in a good mood maybe cos of lagos traffic or something. I then wentthe room at least to give d guy space and then S knocks and enters. There was another bed on the floor so he lies on it. I was on face book then and u know how addictive dat thing is. He starts talking and I pretend to listen while checking my friend requests and looking at some of my sisters pictures. He then realiised I wasn’t listening, he then throws a pillow at me. Dats when we start fighting. Im really aggressive and he knows dat. So I jump from my own bed down to the mattress on the floor and on top of him. I was on top of him, his dad then came in and called S. I got off him and he went out of the room. I was so embarrassed. As in, it was a very compromising position. S came back like two hours l8r and woke me up. I was like screaming at him,, askin him wat he wanted, he then asked y I was sleeping and im like its two am if he hasn’t realised. I then ask him bout his dad and wat he thot was going on. He then said dat he didn’t say anything, he just wanted him to type some document. Anyways we talk for a while and then run out of things to say. I then doze off.

The next morning I felt someone slowly stroking my face, it was S. when I woke up, he was like “finally”. I avoided talking to him cos of morning breath. I never ready to kill another man pikin. Anyways I got in the bath room, brushed my teeth and had my bath. I then got dressed, waiting for my mum to come pick me up. Luckily, it was a Friday morning and his dad had gone to work early so i didnt have to greet. When my mum came, S then said to her "Aunty, i dont want her to go". i really wanted to go but my mum gave me one kinda eye like i shud stay (u know dat kinda eye dat ur mum gave u when u were little, in parties where she did not want u to eat or drink anything). eheen. she gave me dat eye. She wanted me to stay cos she knew d guy was lonely and needed company. anyways me and my mum struck a deal dat she'll go back to the hotel and bring my clothes which she did.

It was so boring.all we did was play games on psp(yeah i play games a lot), we did the gamesharing thingy. i beat his ass. we watched tv and nepa struck. They put on the generator (in VGC again?? i been think say them get constant light). still nothing to do. we ate, slept.We were watching some movie when his dad came in, i greeted and still d same response. i was really mad. tried my best not to show it. i went to d room and i was watching some movie on the internet when S came in and asked if I wanted red wine. i told him no. he tried to convince me to have some but i seriously wasnt up for it. After he finished boozing, he came into the room and started yarning some stufff. me i wasnt up for dat. i just dey think of my bloggers. at least one go dey stay for VGC. i for just call am to come carry me go club oh sumtin. i was in the mood to party but the environment was killing this mood. Anyways i slept off & i woke up to see S sleeping on my bed. Throughout my stay, he slept on the bed on the ground. anyways we r meant to be "family friends" so no wahala. So i get up by 6.am to call my cousin cos it was her birthday and i put an alarm. i call her and when im done, i proceed to the living room. i get there no one is there. i go back to the room. i then went back to bed.i couldnt sleep just kept turning and turning.S woke up, saw dat i was awake, cuddled me without saying a word, got up and went outta d room, probably to his room. i brushed my teeth and started watching some sitcom on my laptop.was kinda bored so i went to the sitting room. lo and behold, S's dad is sitting there, watching highlights of some football match.i then greet "Good Morning Sir" he replies " so is this how u guys sleep till mid day. u dont cook, all u do is eat and sleep. u couldnt even wake up for morning devotion". i then tell him dat ive been up since 6.he then goes "i hear"( u know d way all these ibotic men behave). i was really mad. i just went into the room. i laid there.all i could think of was "did he just say dat?"... u say u had morning devotion and i didnt hear a single sound. in my house, wehn we do morning devotion, the full neighbourhood dey hear oh. yeah i know im exaggerating and all dat but at least my room was close to the living room so i shoulda at least heard sumtin. anyways S then comes in and he sees im not happy. he then asks y and i tell him all bout it. he then apologises and said he wanted to come and call me but he just thot it wasn't necessary. watver sha. i left his house,really mad at his father

On the way to some plaza wiv my mum, i then ask her y she didn't stay wiv me there, she was like she doesnt really like the man and dat he scares her and when her friend (his wife) was still alive, seh always made sure he was on a business trip b4 she goes to sleep over.I and my mum do a little shopping b4 returning back to the hotel.The next day i went home. it felt nice to be home at least theres no one to torment u here.

talking bout Lagos trips, i was in Lagos sometime last year wehn this happened. i was staying wiv my uncle and his girlfriend told him to come and pick her from where she was making her hair. i decided to go wiv him cos i was bored at home.on our way there, we branch some fast food joint and my uncle gets sausages. he was eating his and we see this guy wiv his brand new car (mercedes 190). all of a sudden, he takes a sharp bend and scratches his car. my uncle started laughing at d guy. me i joined him to laugh cos d guy was the one dat was posin wiv his brand new car. my uncle then stops the car by the shoemakers shop. when he turned, he saw the guy running towards his (my uncles car) with a screw jack. he said dat he must in his words "scatter my uncles wind screen". he then gets to the car and seize my uncles shirt. My uncle had a mouthful of sausage and instead of him to spit it out, he was struggling to swallow it(he is really tall and lanky) and at the same time make the man let go of his shirt. it was a funny sight. the guy was screaming in yoruba. pedestrians had to hold d guy oh. they then asked him wat the problem was, he then said dat my uncle and his girlfriend (referring to me) were laughing at him. the guy struggled and struggled and some pple from nearby houses came to meet us. they told us dat we can stay in their compound until d man cools off and leaves which we did. i dont think ill ever forget that experience.

P.S: im sorry for not updatin ever since. Had serious internet problems. i H8 my ISP. i dont care if they see this. im actually on the internet illegally cos ive not paid. lol. criminal sturvs.

DESPERATE LADY if u ever see this, i need an invite. seriously.

uzezi, soupasexy, mz dee, all others thanx for all d luv.