Sunday, September 7, 2008


Damn!!!! Didnt even know i put up dat post.

Neways, i left naija for america like 2 weeks ago. still have 2 weeks to go. Left warri to lag. Met up with  a blogger( dont really want 2 talk bout it tho). Was supposed to leave the next day, got to the airport, the f***ing airline was overbooked. they offered 700 euros in voucher and 600 euros cash to be collected in "frankfurt" and also offered to put me (notice not "US") in a hotel. Omo, i grabbed the cash, went back to my uncles hotel and chilled till the next evening.

Got to the airport checked in and did all other procedures.The lady in customs who was supposed to check my luggage didnt cos according to her, i looked like agbani and she was giving me "presidential checking"...In my mind, i just kept saying " No money for u".... Btw, i dont even look like agbani at all.. we have only one thing in common height.

We boarded and like one hour into the flight, a naija woman started cursing out a german guy (could tell from his accent).. The guy sat beside her nd they kept exchanging words until they started to get physical. An airhostess came to seperate them but it had already gone outta control. So they had to move the lady to another seat. She kept screaming "I will slap u"... " I will show u"..

One question.... Nigerians, do we have to show our "jaguda" skills everywhere we go??? I just wonder

We got to frankfurt and we entered a shuttle that took us to the arrival lounge.We were w8ing for other passengers, when all of a sudden i turned to look at a nigerian woman. Wat was she holding????? cooler, foodflask, whatever y'all call it. NIGERIANS!!!!!!!!!. i love u guys sha..... but dont u guys think dat was too much???????. Anyways we got to the arrival lounge and my connecting flight was in another terminal. One nigerian guy dat came to pick someone up from the airport started chatting me up. He said he wanted my no, bla bla bla. i had to ask him which no he wanted.. he said my nigerian no. i nor just answer am.

B4 i fool myself, it was my first time going to America with lufthansa. Usually go with Brutish Airways cos Im a club member nd sometimes i get free tickets, when i have miles nd most of the time i go through london.

So this aiport was kinda strange.My terminal was A57 and i was in terminal D or so. I had to follow the signs and got to a train station. I one faint!!!!! ah ah. so i finally understood wat was happening. i entered the train. The next stop was  A1. So ill have to sit for over one hour or so until i reach 57. all these thoughts were running through my head. I feel so stupid now. so i got off @ A1. i really dunno wat i was thinking or wat was pushing me. i got to A1 and so all the other signs.

Apparently,A1 stands for 1 through 60 or so. so i had to pass through security. This lady molested me.. I need to sue her for dat. She didnt leave any part of my body ""un-grabbed"". she grabbed my..... ill leave dat for y'all to decide.

Anyways after the lady was done, i went to cash my money oo.altogether, it was $800 dollars or so. (d money don finish nd i have no idea how i spent it).I waited for almost 3 hours before we left for dallas.It was like a 10- hour flight and i got airsick. nearly even puked.

The lady dat sat beside me was very nice. she was white. She was really interested in the nigerian culture nd all although i know she didnt understand most of the things i explained to her like native food, languages... The food on the plane was NASTY. i thot i was the only one who didnt like it until becky (the lady beside me) confessed to me too.

Anyways, got to dallas, went through immigrations collected my luggage and went outside nd saw my aunty. She was so excited (yea right!!). 


                              PART 2!!!!!!

To cut a long story short, my aunt started treating me like a house help. She had an adorable son. really really cute. i turned into his babysitter overnight. Y'all shouldnt get me wrong i really dont mind cleaning her house, clean after her nd all dat shit. wat i have a problem with is the fact dat, she screams @ me.

Ive never been maltreated in my life... well not to this extent. i actually despise her now.cant believe we r related.

i refuse to believe.....

shes my mums sister 

my mum put her where she is today.( i h8 d fact dat i have to say this. sounds like im a bitch but it just has to be said)

helped her when she was pregnant after one miscarriage. (it was really serious and my mum had to leave her job to take care of her)

so much love for a person can change in such a short period.

Shes like a chameleon.

*Im really tryna make this concise*

She made a 360 degree turn when my mum arrived 3 weeks l8r. she turned back into the woman ive always known. wats up with all these relations sef.

I left for my sisters school for about a week. Dat was the true definition of "a holiday".

I found out my sister feels the same way bout my aunt too.She(my sister) doesnt even visit her anymore.

Met one really cute naija boy in frankfurt. Yoruba boy to be precise. He was on my flight to naija. He asked me the time we were arriving. didnt really talk to him much on the flight cos i sat next to some indian guy who was going to accra.

I asked the indian man to sit inside so i wouldnt trouble him too much if i wanted to get out. This guys started narrating how he broke his leg in 1960....... i nor wan hear plenty talk. i kept apologising to make him stop talking but he made sure he told me the whole story of how he broke his leg in africa nd all. i just tire.

Got to naija, the whole atmosphere nearly made me go mad. u for see naija idol dey waka for road with pant and bra.

Anyways... "Yoruba boy" was a typical gentleman.He did everything humanly possible to make me relax cos i was kinda stressed, travelled alone, didnt have anyone to talk to nd all.

Just one tiny(maybe not so tiny) thing sha, he introduced me as his "sister" to another lady he met on the plane.

He helped me carry my luggage on the trolley he got for me. he just helped me out generally sha. nd i had excess nd heavy luggages.we exchanged numbers nd parted ways.

Anyways long story short, My holiday kinda sucked. Kinda enjoyed it too. miss my little cousin like crazy... 

Missed blogville like crazy too.Guess y'all missed me too?? (not!)

P.s: Part 1 was written when i was still in dallas. just wrote part 2 now.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Dunno where 2 start.