Sunday, March 23, 2008


Im having fun!!! went for a party yesterday dat my cousin organised. Wasnt even expecting to go until he called me dat he was comin to pick me up. Mehnn see him stuntin on the road. fast and furious tokyo drift dey learn for where this guy dey. i was screaming and pedestrians must have thot i was being kidnapped. We got there in 1 piece (halleluyah!!) after serious cabashing (prayers). i even start to read rosery self& i hail mary well well and i no b catholic.

When we got there, they were playing some jams. they then played dat "wild 2 nite" by shaggy ft. olivia.mehnn my cousin when say e nor sabi dance start to dance once. we were grinding like
crazyyyyyyy. mehnn looking back on it, i was too hard on him. damn!! if possible the friction would have produced sparks.All these happened after i had a drean dat i had sex wiv one of my cousins. i woke up confused. it was like a nightmare.No need to get into details on dat 1.

Anyways when i got home, my spark producing cousin sent me a txt and we started chatting from there. Anyways d guy started telling me bout his private life. i was really shocked cos we dont get to talk bout stuff wiv each other. Anyways i crashed immediately after we finished txtin& i had eaten one heavy meal of pouned yam and ogbonno soup. yum yum. :). My sister always tells me dat food makes me happy. yes oh b4 nko??. Without food nor b die I go die.

As for my friend dating a pastors son. story story.The guy asked her one day dat if he cheats on her, how would she react, she said dats shell break up wiv him. okay. this is d story. my friend is a virgin and d boy is a virgin (was). she was always going on bout how he loves her bla bla bla and dat she can boast of him any where dat hell never cheat on her. she said dat she is confident and can travel out for years and hell not sleep wiv any girl unlike me dat congeal go hold my bf (ex).she was just ranting.

One faithful day,he then confessed to her dat there's dis girl dat he met in church or so dat she then invited him to her house. so he went one day and the girl was sad cos she just broke up wiv her boyfriend and she was crying and everyfin, so he went closer to at least comfort her. She then put porn into the video cd and they were watching. the girl then told him dat he shouldnt even come close to her cos shes not going to let him touch her. so he went close and that was how they had sex (and according to him lost his virginity).the girl he had sex wiv then told him dat he must be starved of sex by his gf cos he finished quickly. he then told my friend dat he went to see d girl almost everytime and they kept on having sex until one day when d girl told him he was not gettin some unless he breaks up wiv his gf (my friend). so he said dat was the last day he went to see d girl..

Dat 1 nor reach oh. He went further to tell my friend dat he wouldnt call dat cheating cos he wasnt getting any from her and dat "e no b wood now" and dat if he was then he can be accused of cheating(he started d no sex b4 marriage as per pastor son). My friend then told him dat she agrees wiv him. she then told me dat she totelly agrees wiv him and dat he's very intelligent to come up wiv dat and dat if u study the situation, he is right. I was like WTF???????. She seemed really happy wiv it all until suddenly she burst into tears. mehnnn i dont understand dat gurl oh. her emotions r messed up. 4 real.
i did not even know wat to say to her cos im not the best advice giver. i just told her everyfin will b fine. she's still wiv him and they fight all d time. she seems really happy so its all gud.( hope d story aint all dat confusing)

Happy Easter. Hope everyone went to church today though I didnt. im kinda hungry now.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Random Thots

ummm couldn't come up wiv a suitable title for this post. just thot of starting a blog to let off steam cos theres been a lot happening in my life lately. im one of those anonymous bloggers who just leave comments (nice ones! yeah i know wat u r thinking who would admit to being the nasty anons) ...

Who has seen d movie Phat Gurls. Just saw it recently for the third time.Yeah we have to be confident in our bodies and stuff but i wont eat and blow up all in the name of being a "THICK MADAME". yeah im thick. alright not really. i weigh 80kg and im 6ft tall. im sexy and chubby in the right places if u know wat i mean. im really tall but what can i say??? its genes baby!!!!!!!! Anyways im a really bubbly person and maybe ull like me when u get to know me. Maybe not.

The Doctor in this movie was really hot. I dont mind spending a night wiv him. lol. and the kiss at the end?? woahhhh!!!!!.

I have people close to me who r going through a lot lately.I hope to blog bout it soon but right now im actually confused with my own problems. Okay theres this guy dat has been aorund for a while, lets call him T. ive known him for a while now (about 4yrs). He once told one of my friends P dat he was feelin me. Anyways me in my own way now, i was styling for him. lol. Now my friend O claims dat he is feelin her. T and I have not been talking for a while now due to some misunderstanding. He told O dat he was just jokin wiv me and dat i took it personal.He gets extremely jealous anytime i talk to his friend.Now he expects me to walk up to him to talk to him and he walks around wiv a frown whenever he sights me.O seems to be happy wiv everything dat is going on btwn T and I.So today i kinda talked to him and he seemed happy bout it.Most people r scared of datin T cos hes father is a 419(fraudster) and u know once u have made it in life, pple must always talk. I have heard so many things about his dad. Rituals and d rest of it. I dont want to be part of any of these but i cant help it y'all. i think i really like him.lust, infatuation, call it any.Ill get over it anyway.

Alrightie! on a lighter note. I just remembered something dat happened last year. i went to see my aunty and when i got there. I greeted everyone and asked for my little cousins a boy (10) and girl (8). i then tip toed into the room inorder to make a surprise entrance. On getting there, I saw the boy and the girl in the bath tub. The boy was touching the girl in places i never imagined would get a little girl aroused. hmmm i watched them for a while before sliding the curtain away. U need to see the reaction on their faces. they were shocked, the boy tried to get up but he slipped back down. i hadnt even said a word b4 the boy fell on his kness ( with a full erection) and started to plead wiv me not to tell his mum ( his mum is very strict) and assured me that it will never happen again. Till this day, i dont know wat actually prevented me from telling his mum.My mum and dad were never strict during my secondary school days. Left to me, i feel if u r too strict to ur child,they tend to do things dat u dont xpect them to do. Just like a pastors son dat my friend is presently dating and having problems wiv.Guess dats for my next post.

P.S: I hope to get better in my writing skills wiv time cos i know im wack. Peace!!!!!